Monday, August 11, 2008

Red and Green in The Garden

A hurricane lily has finally bloomed. It's such a beautiful flower and only lasts a couple of days.

A red dragonfly. In some places red dragonflies are considered lucky. I must be a lucky girl, because there are many of them in my yard.
A green anole with groovy blue eye shadow. This up-to-date lizard is leading the bright eyeshadow trend. There is an abundance of green anoles in my garden, and I've noticed this year there are quite a few babies running around. It's always a blast to watch the antics of these color changing lizards. The other day I enjoyed the best fight I've seen in a while. Two old males took turns grabbing each other's heads in their mouths while they wrestled and fought. For what reason? Territory? Females? Not sure.
Here's a close-up of my crybaby tree's blossoms. I first discovered this on Milan street off of St. Charles while riding my bike. It's really a stunning tropical tree. The cutting I took didn't take. Luckily I found some small trees in a local nursery.
This is Pride of Barbados. Given to me by my neighbor Sandy. It's frilly orchid looking flowers are so beautiful. They look like little fairy skirts.


Miss Riya said...

Your pics are gorgeous! Don't you love it when the lizards freeze and stare at you as if you won't see them if they just stand still long enough.;-)

JeanSkirtGirl said...

I love your garden look's great and your flowers!~

Egghead said...

Pride of Barbados....they look so sweet and colorful. I have never seen a red dragonfly before. We have lizards but they are not colorful. Just a dull brownish grey.