Monday, March 27, 2017


A lot has changed in my life.  A lot of surprising sudden changes.  But finally I am ready to return to blogging.  Really just sort of wondering is there anyone still out there?

Not that I blame anyone for giving has been a long time.  There were things that hit me from the blind side that I had to deal and cope with.  I'm not really sure if I am finished, but I am getting closer to the other side. Maybe one day I can talk about it.

There are some new things in my life.  I am a Grandmother.  This is my new little guy!

 Also some new baby chicks.  Eleven of them.  My sweet little hen was such a good setter!  So proud of her!  She also is a good little Mama to her babies.

But.....   Some things haven't changed....I still love Jesus and my family.....and I still adore gardening, chickens, frugality, cooking, canning, crochet, knitting, art, and a lot of other things.

I am looking forward to writing and sharing.  I just didn't have the courage in the recent past.  Just maybe...just maybe....this will help return the courage that sometimes I feel I have lost.  Although I must not have....I am still here!