Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Compost Corral

Now our compost has new stomping grounds. Here is our new compost corral modeled by Talia (she'd be in every pic if I'd let her, maybe I should, she is cute (and hilarious)). This spankin' new corral, built by Byron, will keep our compost from roaming and getting into trouble. They kept busting out of the three little Rubbermaid stalls I kept them in before. They almost seem small in their new quarters.
Another view of Byron's compost corral.
Look at all the little compost!!! Give this compost collector a little time, and soon it'll be full of compost gold! I can just imagine the towering corn and waist high collards. Now I have to resist the urge to grab grass clipping filled bags off of the curbs in neighborhoods. Byron gently reminds me, "Kristi, they probably use chemicals." Rats!!! Anyway, I'll keep Dad's horse field clean. You can compost horsey poop, huh?

Here are the things you can compost:
veggie and fruit peelings and parts
coffee grinds
coffee filters
tea bags
tea bag papers
egg shells
pine needles
chicken poop
cow poop
paper (sheet and news, I shred mine and also use it for chicken bedding)
garden clippings and debris
weeds that haven't went to seed

I don't worry about speeding up the process. I just toss it all in, turn it occasionally, it rains here a lot so I skip watering it (it must be kept moist), and wait. For this compost corral design, you shovel the finished compost from underneath the bottom landscape timber. I have a video of this corral being made by someone else on a previous garden post.


Egghead said...

That is so cool. Byron is such a handy guy and you are lucky you can get him to make these things for you. I am going to show my husband this and the video. I need a big compost corral too.

Egghead said...

Oh and you daughter is a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Neat!! I compost but wasn't sure about the paper-now I know.

Kristi said...

Tipper, I wasn't sure about the paper either for years. Although I've heard you shouldn't use glossy paper, I slip some in there sometimes. Most of the time I shred it. Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it.