Monday, February 18, 2008

Learning to live deliberately

The other day when shopping with my mother, I found myself scarfing down Raising Cane's chicken fingers without even tasting them. Stop slow down! I ordered myself to slow down and actually taste the food. I want to do everything in my life deliberately with thought and purpose.


1 : characterized by or resulting from careful and thorough consideration 2 : characterized by awareness of the consequences 3 : slow, unhurried, and steady as though allowing time for decision on each individual action involved

I have decided to do everything, even mundane chores with thought and deliberateness.

There are some I know who live their life in a dizzing pace of busyness. When ever I see them there is just a quick insincere peck on the cheek with a, "I'm so crazy busy...just on my way out...catch up with you later...(peck peck) goodbye!!"

They are not happy. Nope. They give no signs of happiness. I just see tired hamsters on hamster wheels. Fancy expensive hamster wheels. Busy busy and no time to enjoy. I have lived that type of life before and I am much happier now.

I looked and thought about what I can change in order to live my life in a more deliberate manner:

  • drive the speed limit.

  • write in a journal daily

  • make a daily to do list that is prioritized

  • stay out of shopping centers that are designed to make you want to buy

  • do not have a television-(which makes you feel as if your normal life is inadequate)

  • take time to look and appreciate the things that my family and I have accomplished

  • think about my chores when I do them

  • go outside everyday - Even when it rains

  • give thanks to God everyday for the air I breathe


Miss Riya said...

It's funny you used the term "hamster wheel." Just 2 days ago upon viewing the house that my daughter completely destroyed(making art) I turned to my husband and said,"well it looks like it's time to get back in my hamster wheel!" Your post was very thought provoking. I have kinda been sorting the whole thing out. I'm gonna try to be more organized, but I don't think I will ever scrub a toilet mindfully.LOL ;-)

Kristi said...

Miss Riya

Your one of the more deliberate people I know.

Love Kristi

Tiffany said...

This is a great post. Since I upped the ante on my school stuff this January I've been getting crazy busy and it drives me nuts. I'm excited about slowing down this summer and then only a year left of school. I don't know how people live their lives at a crazy pace continually. I would be miserable. You always feel like you are running behind.

I think your goals are awesome...I don't know about that first one though. Speed limit? Eek! lol...j/k. ;)