Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finding Places To Cut

A favorite topic of the times is "this economy". What is "this economy"? I'm so very ignorant when it comes to these big topics. I always tell my husband, "That's why God gave me you. To help me see the big stuff."

It's not always easy to understand why things are the way they are or why certain things happen. Sometimes frustration fogs up my mind when trying to sort out reasons and facts so all that big stuff gets pushed to the back until inspiration to deal with it hits.

What I do find easy, is to evaluate the things I do understand and try to improve in that department.

Sometimes I am asked, "How do you find time to do all that?" Make my own laundry soap, tend to a fairly large garden, raise three children, take care of my home, make my own bread....and so on. You know all the stuff you read about in this blog.

I view all the stuff I do around here as my "job". Just as cost cutting and time management was important when I worked a secular job, it is equally if not more important since I made the decision to not work.

When my second child was born, I simply quit work and informed Byron I wouldn't be going back. Somehow we would have to make it on his salary. I needed to be with my children. As much as others wished to help, no one would love them or care for them like me. I needed them and they needed and need me. I am an event florist and I still do events when and what dates I want to.

Byron being the man he is was actually happy that I made this decision. It wasn't easy, but working together we identified those things we could do without and we cut cost where ever we could. Contentment is so much more important than stuff that it cannot be compared. It's amazing, but we are better off and happier now than we have ever been. We eliminated debt, cut up ALL credit cards (we do not have even one), and only buy if we have saved for it. For a great plan on how to do this look up Dave Ramsey.

The first step to cutting home costs is identifying what really is a need. Most of our Neeeeds...are wants. Does everyone in the household neeeeed a cell phone? Do you neeeeed television? Do you neeeeed a manicure? Do you neeeeed a four wheeler? Do you neeeeed lots of "friends" and parties? I have an acquaintance (a real sweetheart) who has admitted to not having saved a cent, but has a huge house and note, she gets a manicure every week, her toes done, her skin sanded, she eats out all the you see a ticking time bomb? By the way she also takes anti-depressants. These very same type people loudly complain about "this economy". Which I know is bad and worsening.

I find that when someone grows up and figures out the difference between a want and a need they just naturally know where to look to shore up the family budget and cuts costs. They also naturally will find contentment and in contentment they will find God. See I Timothy 6:6-8 at the top of my side bar.


Aubrey said...

That reminds me, one of our great blessings is no cable! I don't need it telling me I need all that stuff. We are so much more joyful with less.

Sandy said...

Amen sister.

Egghead said...

I am so impressed and you, lady, have found happiness and true contentment.

Anonymous said...

I think Congress needs to read this. Very well said.

Tiffany said...

You go on and preach it girrrl! ;) My husband finally got the raise he earned in May a few weeks ago and we've since paid off two credit cards! Just a couple more to go and then we're going to work hard at getting the van paid off. Leaving active duty in the middle of an economic crisis is quite a motivator for getting stuff paid off fast!! Also a motivator for saving money!

Christine said...

It surprising how when I stop using something (cell, cable, car... yes, even a car) I find I hardly miss it. And I totally agree, my family is much happier than if we had more money that we were spending on things like gas, eating out, etc. Time is a valuable commodity.

Used your laundry soap recipe last week and it came out great.