Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tax Time

Yes tommorrow is the day I visit the accountant to get the taxes done. Much of the day was spent getting together all of the papers I will need. I'm still not completely done, just a little more to do, but after all that paper work I need a break.

Today is just too beautiful to be inside all day, so I took a walk on the levee. There are still ships lining the banks waiting to get into port. You just never know what your going to see along the levee. I have spotted: alligators (I even had an alligator visit my back yard once), otters, bald eagles, hawks, cardinals, killdeers, coyotes, snakes, turtles, owls, and numerous types of other birds. I love this time of year though. The clover is turning the fields green and the citrus orchards have just been pruned. Soon the air will be scented with the sweet heavy scent of citrus blossoms. Wonderful!!!!

After looking at my garden and my cold frames, I noticed that the cheerokee purple tomatoes, the egg yolk and the mini tomato variety have begun to germinate. I also picked my first snow pea and ate it right there. Yummy. I harvested two large heads of brocolli as well. The arugula, tom thumb lettuce and pak choy have also sprouted. Soon I might gamble and go ahead and plant corn. It's just that spring is so tricky here. Sometimes it is 40 degrees outside and the next day it is 79 or 80 degrees (like yesterday).

After tomorrow I won't have to think about taxes for at least a year :-)


Louise said...

Hi Kristi, thanks for stopping by my blog today, it's always good to hear from new folks. I enjoyed reading your posts and your photos are wonderful to look at.
I'll check in from time to time.
God bless.

Miss Riya said...

Thanks for reminding me! I have to get all our junk together too. BOO HOO!