Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Road I Walk

I read somewhere that a walk contributes to longevity. Fortunately for me, I have a wonderful levee path in my back yard.

This morning after seeing the girls off on the bus, I put on my hiking boots and headed for the levee path. (I'm breaking in my boots for a future trip.) When I reached my back yard I saw that one of my pecan trees was full of small birds. I'm not sure what kind they were because they were so high up. They looked greyish brown and had a sort of point like a hood on the back of their heads. I have seen the most amazing birds in my back yard and along the levee.

The other day while walking, I saw two crows driving a horned owl from tree to tree. I assume they were not happy about him being in their territory. There is a hawk that surveys the neighboring fields from the top of my pecan trees. I also saw two bald eagles not too long ago. That was a thrilling experience.

Walking allows me to think. Sometimes more than I want to! I think of good things. I think of bad things. But by the end of the walk, I have all these things neatly reasoned, solved, and filed away in the circuits of my mind.

Walking certainly contributes to the deliberate lifestyle. Flying in an airplane you see clouds. Riding in a car you see trees. Riding on a bike you see flowers. Walking you see everything.

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Miss Riya said...

I used to love walking in this neighborhood, but now it's kind of depressing to see all the houses that used to be beautiful.Nobody is taking care of them since Katrina. On a positive note there is alot less traffic so "Eloise" can ride her bike more.