Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting Ready for Chickens

Who could be a respectable self-sustaining citizen without chickens? We're getting chickens soon! They are on order from Murray McMurray Hatcheries. After much discussion on which breeds to get, we decided on getting the meat and egg combo with the specific condition that I do not have to take part in any chicken slaughters. Nor do I have to be near it.
Byron's been very busy building the coop. It's looking really great. We modified some plans that we found on the LSU Cooperative Extension web site. Most of the materials used were leftovers from other projects. The run will be 20' X 20'. The back of the coop will be accessible from the outside of the run. So if I'm in a hurry some days (when I have weddings), I don't have to go into the run to collect eggs or feed and water the chickens.
I also plan to have some "chicken tractors" so the chickens can be moved around the yard. In the future I'd like to fence in my veggie garden. That way the chickens can feast upon all the veggie pests.
The coop and run should be finished by the end of this month. Then Byron's going to put in a few more raised beds for the veggie garden.

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Apostolic Truth said...

Byron - build me one.