Monday, February 11, 2008

Really Great Candlesticks!

I went shopping with my parents today. We spent the day making a big loop around New Orleans hitting all the furniture stores I thought would intrest my mother. Georgian, Dillards, Christian Street Furniture, Doerr, and finally Hopkins Imports.

My parents house had four feet of water in the house after Katrina. See my sister's blog "Aprons and Music" for some pics. The house is already off of the ground several feet so they estimated that there was about eight feet of standing water. (please don't say we shouldn't live where hurricanes flood the land. The oil industry has crisscrossed our wetlands with canals to move equipment and inspect pipelines and the gulf has intruded and swept away land to the tune of acres a day. The federal government recieves the majority of tax revenues from the oil not Louisiana thanks to our own re-elected numerous times crooked politicians. Thank you for selling us out. Sorry about the rant. I will post some more info on this later- like don't buy cypress mulch-hey U.S.A. remember the high gas prices after Katrina? - save the wetlands!!!! Sorry I know you're confused I'll clarify later-I am grateful for everything everyone has done to help make it better.)


Anyway, they have to replace all their furniture. We bought some really great base peices and we are going to see what we can pull together from what she salvaged.

But I found these great candlesticks!!! They are excactly what I've been looking for. They are BIG, and they'll last forever. Unless we have to burn them for heat :-) Hey even if there is another flood I could probably float out on them and then polish them up and use them for many more years. They go great with my new bedroom set. I waited 14 years to buy my bedroom set. The salvaged doors I used for my headboard worked fine until I could find exactly what I wanted and it took 14 years.

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