Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ships in the Fog

There are four ships anchored behind our home. They can't get into port right now because of Mardi Gras. Last night Me, Byron, Talia and Josephine the cat went up on the levee to look at the ships. The fog was thick and the wind was blowing. It was such a black night. The stars sparkled. It was really beautiful to watch the patterns of the fog roll in the wind. From the east the cool fog was rolling and from the west the warm air off of the swamp was blowing. We could feel the cool fog one moment and then a warm breeze would sweep it to the side. The trees on the batture added to the eerie ambiance.
This morning the girls ran out to watch one ship pull up anchor. What a racket they make when letting down or pulling up the anchor chain. We do not take part in the drunken revelries of Mardi Gras. Instead, Today we're heading over to a state park to enjoy a church family picnic.

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Miss Rya said...

See you at the park!