Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Around the Garden

This is the chicken coop. Byron is going to finish it, and I have to paint it becuase the chickies are coming in next week. He'll build the run next.
Strawberries! North of Lake Ponchatrain strawberries are a major cash crop. I'm hoping to get a little patch of them established in my potager. (Pardon the cypress mulch, I'm using the leftovers from my ignorant days.)
I think my first cabbage is ready to pick. Cabbages are beautiful. This one's leaf edges are tinged pinkish purple.
This is the loose leaf lettuce patch. I love the different colors. Slugs have left my lettuce alone, but they're chowing down on my turnips and beets.
Look how big the garlic is getting. This is my first time growing garlic. From what I understand it is a long season crop. It should be ready next october. Wow that's a long wait.

This is my broccoli. I learned that once you cut the main head of broccoli, little shoots come out where the leaves join the stems. A bonus crop!

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Miss Riya said...

If you ever have too much bounty let me know. I would rather pay you than the grocery store.
-LoVe Ya