Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cookin' in my Solar Oven!

Finally! A sunny day. This whole week has been rainy, windy and cold. Today is magnificent. So, since the sun will be out today, I decided to cook something in my solar oven I got for Christmas and hang the clothes outside to dry. Zero emmissions, just the power of the sun! I really believe that the sun is the way to go with renewable energy. No turbines to kill birds (maybe they can improve this), no blowing up mountains to extract coal, no nasty smoke and if the sun goes out we won't need energy anyway :)

I decided to cook winter squash. I'm going to simply bake it until it is tender. Some items that are very easy to cook in the oven is: Chicken (stewed or baked), Roast, potatos, carrots, really you can cook most things. You can even bake in it (pizza, biscuits, bread). I have not done this yet, but I will this summer. 350 degrees is the highest temperature I have recorded in it so far. This summer I am expecting it to get to it's max temp of 450 degrees.

The solar oven will help me keep the house cool during the summer time by moving the cooking outside. Our biggest energy drain in this area is air conditioning.

Garden: Today I planted strawberries and gave the whole garden a dose of organic fertilizer. I also fertilized all of the citrus trees.

Byron started our chicken coop today! It's looking really great. I will post pictures soon.

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