Friday, February 15, 2008

$29.55 Electric Bill

The lowest electric bill to date $29.55. That's 10.8 killowats a day =). I know, I know, It's not summer and it's a short month, but still the average usage is the lowest ever.

I've run all over the house identifying ghost loads and unplugging things. Drying clothes in the sun. Nagging everyone to, "Go back and cut that light off!" I say "cut" the light off. People from Maryland ask, "How do you cut a light off?" We mean "turn" off the light. My kids now run out of their room, look startled and say, "oops", then run back in and turn off the light. They love it if a light is on when we return home at night. They look accusingly at one another and say, "oooo who left a light on?" As they each in return yell, "Not me, Tera did, Talia did, Seleste did etc."

I'm looking forward to the day when we can install a solar system and get off the grid. It makes so much sense to me to be self sufficient. Here are some sites I really like.

This really convinced me.

Mountain Top Removal

Path to Freedom

Kansas Wind Power

Living Foods Dehydrator

Earth 911 - Energy


Ginger said...

Wow that is awsome. I am constantly complaining to our energy company. Can you beleive we have a house we don't even live in and they sent us a bill for over $30 dollars. We never use the lights. Our bill should not be over $8.28 thats the minimum they charge.

Louise said...

I was born in the mountains of KY and have seen first hand what mountain top removal has done and is doing down there. My last visit was 2005 and I nearly cried when I saw what was happening ... driving on a beautiful stretch of road, seeing beautiful greenery and then you're right on top of barren-ness where a mountain top has been removed. May God forgive us for what we've done to the earth He told us to take care of.

Miss Riya said...

Not much I can say after seeing that. ;-( -LoVe Ya

Laura Leigh Dobson said...
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Laura Leigh Dobson said...

hi, nice blog. i am very interested in taking steps toward being self sufficient and less dependent on oil and all the things that are associated with it. I am starting small. I only cook from scratch. I am going to try to plant a small garden this spring. I just ordered a slice of organic life. i am excited to peruse it. my husband and i are also researching the possibility of going electric with our vehicles. he is contemplating building an electric car. anyway, like your blog. it's going on my favorite list.

Kristi said...

Hi Louise and Laura,

thanks for visiting my blog.

Louise, I will do my best to not contribute to the destruction of your beautiful mountains. I too enjoy them occaisionally when on vacation or passing through. It's truly tragic.


It's wonderful that you are making changes. Being self sufficient is so satisfying. Small steps add up!:-) Thanks for adding me to your favorites