Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cypress Trees and Look what I grew!

Sarah left two web sites on the comment section of my last post. I haven't had time to explore them completely, but I wanted to post links. One is about the loss of cypress tree swamps. Almost all of the old giants are gone. Logged years ago. Hundreds and hundreds of years of growth, gone in just one generation. I have used cypress mulch to mulch my landscape. I thought that it was made up of scraps from the lumber industry. Never in my wildest dreams did I know the true story.

Companies are clear cutting cypress swamps. Entire trees are fed into shredders to supply our nation's cypress mulch desire. I can't even imagine shredding these beautiful trees that withstand flooding and hurricanes. They are one of the main stabalizers of soil in the swamp. NO wonder our land is being swept out to sea.

If you use cypress mulch, PLEASE PLEASE STOP RIGHT NOW!! Choose a friendlier mulch. Such as pine straw, leaves, grass. Last year I raked up all of the needles that my cypress tree dropped and it made the most beautiful red mulch for my garden. I also raked all of the pecan leaves and am now mulching them for my veggie garden. If any of my pics show bits of cypress mulch, it is left over from my previous ignorance.
Save Our Cypress

Here is another site about keeping the Gulf of Mexico Healthy

Healthy Gulf

And here is my pic from dinner today. I GREW EVERYTHING BUT THE TOMATOES!!!!

Lettuce mix, beets and brocolli! I'm on my way folks. Soon I'll be veggie self sufficient :-)


han_ysic said...

In australia there has recently been some illegal clearing of wetlands which made the news, but to my understanding has not followed with any attempt to restore it. It was cleared, and the plants all just burned, forget chipping! Then they covered it with cattle.
This report states that this area is the brreding spot for multiple rare migratory species, who will return next breeding season to find no place for them to nest. The farmer I believe has been made to take stock and machinery off the property, however, it will be a long time before a decision is made, and even longer before there is any chance of rehabilitation. Not only should we stop using cedar (or any old growth wood) but I think we should look at what we eat, and if eating beef means that more and more of this land we call home is thoughtlessly destoryed for a little more profit, then I am happy to significantly reduce my consumption of meat.

Miss Riya said...

Your veggies are beautiful! Hopefully I'll be able to buy one of these adjacent empty lots so I can grow more than peppers in pots.

jcs44 said...

Cypress trees are amazing when it comes to storm protection. Every 3.5-4 miles of cypress forests can decrease the storm surge by a foot. They are also very important in providing habitat for wildlife. Everything from the bald eagle to black bears can live in cypress swamps.

If you are looking for a sustainable alternative to cypress mulch try melaluca mulch. Melaluca trees are an invasive species from Ausralia destroying the ecosystem in the Everglades. By using this mulch you are helping to rid Florida of these pests. Also good is eucalptis mulch which is naturally resistant to termites & other pests b/c of the oils it produces.

JeanSkirtGirl said...

wow I want some slad!!