Tuesday, February 12, 2008

America's Wetland

Here is a web site with some great information on the disapearing wetlands. There are comparison maps to show how much land has been lost since the institution of the levee system. There is a video that also explains how the taxes are distributed from the oil proceeds. It also explains why the wetlands is the entire United States responsibility, for the well being of our country and the local ecology.

America's Wetland

Garland Robinette, a local personality, has also painted a painting that can be bid on. You can also purchase a print of it. All of the proceeds go towards preserving the wetlands.

WWL Garland Robinette's Painting

Unless something drastic is done, the wetlands will continue to disapear at an alarming rate. Our communities will continue to lose protection from large storms such as Katrina. There are things that can be done.

I took my girls to see "Hurricane on the Bayou" at the Audubon Aquarium. Tears rolled down my checks the entire time. I know all the tourists watching might have thought I was crazy, but it just brought everything back. It's really very positive and shows what can be done to reverse the present damage.

Hurricane on the Bayou


Miss Riya said...

Know what ya mean chickadee! We've seen it several times and I still get emotional:(

Miss Riya said...
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Sarah said...

About that Cypress mulch...you are completely right that people shouldn't use it. Basically the wetlands (cypress trees) are being clear cut to make this garden mulch, when in reality there are sustainable alternatives that are comparable in both price and effectiveness! Right now there is a campaign through the Gulf Restoration Network and its coalition partners to get companies like Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Lowe's to own up to their sustainability practices and stop selling cypress mulch.

For more information check out www.saveourcypress.org and www.healthygulf.org.

Sarah Helm