Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eliminating Clutter-Collecting

When I first got married. I had room for everything. Collecting consisted of getting the things I needed! As you know, After being married for a while it's a matter of, "How did all of this get in my house?"

It just seems as if clutter sneaks up on you. With a small house it's very important for everything to have a place. This makes it much easier to quickly clean. Having everything neatly in place also makes finding something a breeze.

I know clutter is a problem for most everyone. So, I thought you might enjoy reading about my stratagies for defeating clutter. I must say it is a daily thought process. The things that I find get out of control quickly are: Paper, clothing, and collections. I'll start with collections.

There are so many things I like. I love china, tea cups, tea pots, milk ware, pyrex, trays, books, shoes... hmm old hats, flower pots, plants, nature items (nests, feathers, dead locusts, shells, turtle shell), magazines...and other things. Anyway, when After being married for a while, I found that I had a mix match of a lot of things and no where to put them. My collection needed to be pared down.

So how was I to accomplish this? I picked my most favorite things, and gave away everything else to people who admired them. Do I miss them. No, I don't. I thought I would, but I don't!

I now only actively collect nature items, old pyrex bowls and books. I kept my teapots and milkware, but I do not actively collect them. I do not buy anything new except books. I buy used books and pyrex bowls (from thrift stores). The nature items? They're free. I just go outside!! When I am finished with a magazine, I pass it on. If there is an article I really love, I tear it out and keep them in a separate file.

I chose old pyrex bowls because I love their color and they are so useful (see pic). When I have extra company or parties, hey I just use my decor, the pyrex bowls! I collect books because I love them. They are useful and beautiful. The nature items? I just love to look at and touch them.

Things you can do to eliminate collection clutter:

Decide what you really love

Do not keep anything because "It might be valuble one day."

Do not keep items only because someone gave it to you (Unless it is important. I kept a candy dish owned by my grandmother, but I did give away a crystal candy dish given to me by a past co-worker)

If you're not sure about something. Put it in the attic or away for awhile and see if you can live without it. If in three months you don't miss it. Get rid of it.


Betsy said...

One way I found to de-clutter my home, and this happens to me every 10 years.....A flood. There is no quicker way than that to de-clutter, and you will be surprised what you can live without. I now have boxes of stuff in my garage, that I have lived without for 2 years now....So I am sure I really didnt need it..I am so glad you are able to de-clutter on you own...

Kristi said...

Hi Betsy,

It is a very sad way to declutter. I guess if you have to find a bright side maybe that's it? I think I need to help my Mom declutter three years later.

Love you,
xoxo Kristi

Betsy said...

Oh yea, I find myself needing to do the same....
And everything I see that I wish I had done different, I tell Bill, next flood we are going to do the kitchen this
Lets just pray that the next time is many years later.....

Love your red-headed step sister....

Tiffany said...

You are speakin' to my heart here. I love purging "stuff." We had an awesome opportunity a few weeks ago to help a lady at church purge stuff. It was physically tiring but oh so much fun!

We have a build up around here lately because I haven't had time to do anything with it because of school. You and Monique have me itching to purge stuff again. I can't wait til mid-April when my school is out, kids are still in and I can purge like crazy. I can imagine nice clean bookshelves now. *blissful sigh* It's good to have something to look forward to! :D