Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yesterday's Wedding

This is my favorite picture I have taken at a wedding in a long time. Every cathedral has a C.N. That's short for what my husband calls the Church Nazi. That's the person who makes sure nothing unseemly happens to the cathedral. Such as glitter spray, unglassed candles, or shedding asparagus fern. Certainly me as a very professional event florist would never do such a common thing. Here is the Bride letting the Church Nazi know that she would not sit in that limousine a moment longer. No matter if she was supposed to be in hiding. "Let's get this thing on!" the Bride said. I just love the expressions.
Here is the Bride and her maids.

Here are two of the ten bride's maids. This was one of the sweetest brides I have designed flowers for. This morning she called me to thank me with the nicest compliments. Often I get cards, but never a call before the honeymoon.


Tiffany said...

Kristi! Those bouquets are soooooo PRETTY! So springy and 'em!
LOL about the church nazi! :P

sugarcreekfarm said...

Wow, those bouquets are gorgeous! So so pretty :)

Miss Riya said...

My favorite memory is when a young priest in training was standing behind one of the church nazis making faces while she was going on and on about not putting the flowers in the front of the church. He was litterally mimicking her and rolling his eyes. I wonder what type of punishment there is for mocking a church nazzi?!? ;-) Maybe he can get away with it...does a priest in training trump a church nazzi?

Egghead said...

Those are beautiful flowers. You have such a great talent. I especially like the bridesmaid flowers. I am still laughing at the nazi photo. Cute.