Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sitting in the E-Room

Since Katrina I do not have a pediatrician for my children. I tried the family doctor thing. Then when I took my kids in for scheduled flu shots they informed me they didn't keep kid size doses.. huh??? Anyway I'm not bringing them back there. The pediatrician clinic I took them to pre-Katrina was great. They had several doctors and someone could always see your child, but alas, they are no more. So now when I call a doctor, they tell me they are booked until some god forsaken time and if my child is very sick bring her to the emergency room. My life seems to be forever categorized as pre and post Katrina.

Today I hauled Talia to Children's Hospital and spent most of the day there. She had been throwing up and all the other things that go with a stomach virus since early Saturday morning. She seemed to be better yesterday afternoon, then last night....blechhh all over again. Sigh. Finally in desperation I went to the emergency room. Talia was dehydrated. They gave her fluids and a medication to stop the vomiting. The doctor said she would feel better quickly and she did! I'm listening to her on the phone right now reporting to McKenna and Logan (her cousins) all about her emergency room experience. Children's hospital spoiled us. It was a short wait to see the doctor, and everyone there is such professionals. If any doctors are reading this by chance, Move to New Orleans!!! We need more doctors.

Now I'm going to lay on my couch and hope this headache goes away soon.

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Egghead said...

I hope everyone feels better now. How frustrating.