Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Around the house and garden

Things have only calmed down slightly since this weekend. How come everything seems to happen all at once. I had a large bridal shower and Art in Bloom at NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art) to prepare for all happening at once. Then sadly my sister-in-law's Mother died and I had a slew of flowers and the casket spray to do for Sunday. Hopefully they were a bright spot of cheerfulness in the family's grief. Personally I like flowers at funerals. Of course maybe that's why I'm a florist.

Then Saturday night we got a call from New Orleans Post office. "Hey, we got some baby chicks here. Can you come to Loyola to pick them up?" We were thankful for the call. They let our last batch sit there until we finally received them in Belle Chasse early am Tuesday. Six of them died :(. So we happily picked them up. I'll be showing their baby pics a little a a time. They are unbelievably cute. Time gets by me when I'm watching them. (Tiffany, it's better than TV) .

Keep them fingers crossed for me. Maybe my arrangement at Art In Bloom will win a prize. Hmmmm?

I think this little guy is a Silver Laced Wyandotte.
This is either a New Hampshire red or a Rhode Island red (I think).
Group Nursery Pic
Turnips, mini carrots, and mixed greens: turnip, spinach, collards, and carrot greens. I cooked them up. Yum Yum Yum. I have the recipe posted in a previous blog. The potatoes are Russian fingerlings I bought at Whole foods. Pretty good.
Two cabbages, salad greens, and radishes. I shared with my mother-in-law. That's the wonderful thing about gardening. The sharing is always appreciated unless it's giant zucchini at the end of summer
Hey, hey! The first of my Japanese plums have ripened. The birds discovered them first. So I threw all the pecked on ones out so they could finish them up! Yesterday a mocking bird was chasing my cat Josephine and pecking her rear end. I guess she's already seen Josie's claws and fangs and figured the back end was safest. Boy was that bird mad.


Tiffany said...

Awww! New babies! Love the second little guy. Looks like a duckling...you sure they got your order right? lol!

Egghead said...

Cute cute cute. I especially love the group shot. Your shots of the produce make me so anxious for gardening to begin. Sounds like a busy week.