Thursday, April 3, 2008

More Baby Chick Pics

We have 49 chickens now. Fifteen of which are destined for a short but enjoyable life. The rest are four brown leghorn roosters, Byron's choice, and hens. Only two roosters were ordered. Murray Mc Murray Hatcheries threw in a couple of extra for free. Thanks. I guess males aren't as rare a commodity in chicken society.

I didn't realize chicks came in such an assortment of looks. With all the Easter pics featuring fluffy yellow chicks, I thought that was all there was. I figured they just changed as they grew. You know it's really sad that me the granddaughter of a farmer didn't know this. My children will. A Brown Leghorn Rooster
Not Sure.
Fluffy Easter Chickie-Looks like a Pom Pom
I think this is a Dark Cornish-A really pretty chick

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Egghead said...

The little black one looks like our barred rock hen when she was a baby. Her speckled feathers didn't show up until she was much larger. Cute pictures of the chicks. Aren't they fun? Your girls will love this.