Thursday, April 24, 2008

Around the House and Garden

This morning is so misty. The grass is saturated. After taking my morning stroll around the yard to see what's up, my feet were soaked with dew and caked with grass seeds. The uncertain weather of early spring is finally giving way to consistently warmer temperatures. I think tonight I won't need to use the brooder light for the chicks. They are certainly growing. They look like little old men with their scruffy fuzz sticking out from their tiny skulls.

While cleaning off the front porch the other day, I noticed a big pile of mulch, leaves, and other things in one of the large urns by my front door. So, thinking my kids put it there, I pulled out the bundle. Plop, plop, catch. Two tiny eggs fell out and smashed. I managed to catch the third. Awwaww. Next time I will look a little closer. I'm not sure what kind of nest it is. I have seen a humming bird hanging out around my crybaby tree. Whatever kind of bird it is must have been tiny and sneaky to build a nest right under our noses without us noticing. The egg is about the size of my thumb nail. Even though I did my best to put everything back, the bird probably isn't coming back. Sigh. The yard is popping with all kinds of birds, insects, snakes, lizards, frogs, bunnies,...but no alligators yet this year.

The nest.
Close up of the tiny egg. Does anyone know what kind it is?
This is the three Cavendish Banana trees I recently purchased. I've finally convinced my husband we won't look like Vietnam War recluses if we plant them.
Look how pretty the garden looks in the mist.


Melba said...


You may be surprised! The bird may come back. Just leave it alone and wait. Remind me to tell you a story about a bird and it's nest on Sis. Lay's porch.


Melba said...

Could it be a Carolina Wren?
Kind of looks like their eggs.


Ginger said...

Michael and I have some hanging plants at one of the houses that we are selling. One day while he was watering one of them a dove flew out and then it's baby took off. I watched him one time run down the street to catch the baby because as you know it wouldn't survive and he put it back in the nest. The mother always comes back and the baby stays in the nest. Now we have a new nest with dove eggs in it so they must come back regardless of being water almost everyday.