Saturday, April 26, 2008

How my truck became a Boat

Today was the most interesting day. Byron and I went on a training hike on the Woodlands Trail in Belle Chasse. It is a wonderful under used path. The variety of birds are simply amazing. All of the paths were lined with mulberry trees and overloaded blackberry brambles. Every puddle we came to was populated by tens of little brown shiny frogs. We saw a Brown Louisiana skink as well. Then..."Crruuumbleack!!! (thunder and lightning)....EEEEk (me). It quickly turned into a pulse elevating exercise as my stride length doubled. Byron thinks I'm a chicken. Aaanywaay. We made it back to the truck double time.

So, we decided since we were out to make our way to Massey Outfitters to pick up some Jetboil fuel in order to try out our Jetboil backpacking stove we are going to use on our Grand Canyon trip. Of course, while we were out there I had to pick up a book I have been drooling over. The whole point of this story is to tell you how our truck became a boat. On the way home as we approached the Crescent City Connection we ran into one of the Louisiana rains, whipping wind and a waterfall. Along with everyone else we put our blinkers on and slowed to a crawl. We got off of the bridge at the Terry Parkway exit. OH My Jesus!! I exclaimed and from there on I continued to pray...Jesus..Jesus...Jesus..The water was over a foot in some areas. There were flooded cars scattering the street. Worried people were peering out of their doors at the water lapping their doorstep. Indignant men were wading into the waves angrily waving at the young men in large trucks to slow it down. The wake from fast moving vehicles laps into their homes. We turned onto Carrol Sue hoping to escape the water. It was worse, high water along with flooded cars littering the way. I prayed even more. As we pulled onto Berhman Highway the road raised somewhat. There was a young girl in a small black car turning onto Carrol Sue from Berhman. Byron and I frantically waved her down to tell her "Turn around! You will flood!" Big eyed she turned her small car and drove into a higher parking lot. Berhman was flooded just as bad further down. We had to weave around the small stalled cars we approached. We made it through. Thank you Jesus, and that is how our truck was a boat today!

The Tom Thumb lettuce I grew. These are from heirloom seeds I purchased from
Bakers Creek heirloom seed company. They are so cute-only 3 to 4 inches across.
Here are the beets I pickled from the last of the crop.
This is the book by John Seymour I have been desiring. I bought it today at Barnes and Noble. He is from Ireland and England and is considered the "Father" of the sustainable lifestyle. He was born in 1914. I can't wait to read it. Here is his wikapedia link John Seymour


Tiffany said...

Eek! Glad you guys made it out of the flood ok! Of course now you're going to have to call your truck Chitty-chitty-bang-bang. ;)

Miss Riya said...

from carmen when u get a chance iam want some bulebreey pealse love me by