Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Around the Garden

Today it's been work, work, work: cut back all the perennials, give the liriope, mondo, and lemon grass haircuts, tame the vines (yeah right), plant the butterfly bushes and guara, weed and remove the bitter lettuce from the veggie garden and get ready to plant cucumbers and melons, keep a sharp eye out for wasps. It looks a mess, but I have a vision! I'm going to layer all that mess under the newspaper and then top it off with mounds of pine straw. I think the earthworms are drooling. Isn't Spring wonderful!

New front garden which will eventually have a path and a bench.
The mini citrus orchard with fig tree in the very back by the levee.
My potager in progress.
Side perennial border.
The other side with my crybaby tree.

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