Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday at Mom and Dad's

My nephew Michael's game rooster. Cock fighting is still allowed in Louisiana-Why? I don't know. There is a movement to end it. This little rooster doesn't fight (at least anymore), but his father did. I was told his father was a champion, but now he's missing an eye and a toe. I think he would have rathered not been a champion. His son lives a better life being spoiled by Michael and protecting all the girls (hens).
This is my Mom's kitchen sink window. Look how the violets show off for her. They love her. I love the old mirror hung right in the center of the window.
This is Seleste. What better way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon between church services? Just eat a nice big lunch then lounge on the sofa reading a Calvin and Hobbes book.


Miss Riya said...

Two more years...just two more years and I'll be able to rest on Sunday afternoons. I have hit a middle of the journey slump with school! I hate the fact that I rarely have time to breathe, but if I don't force myself to finish now I'll probably never finish. Maybe I'll be able to catch my second wind durring spring break.

Tiffany said...

Right there with ya Riya! I have just one more year though. That is if I work through the summer which I'll definitely be doing!