Saturday, March 1, 2008

How Cute Are These Shoes?

This is the time I like to shop, Dillard's had an additional 40% off of their merchandise that was already marked down 75%. Cheaper than thrift store prices but brand new. Who could resist???? Here are my $11.00 regular $79.00 gold shoes. Everyone knows gold is a neutral so I can wear them with anything. Right? (Byron says I have a shoe issue.) Anyway, they are very comfy and adorable in an old fashioned way.

My other great deals were: $4.50 fleece jacket for my self, $5.99 jean skirt, $5.99 shirt, $2.24 sweaters for girls, $3.50 shirts for girls, $4.00 jackets for girls, $2.00 leggings for girls, $8.00 belt for girls, $11.00 shirts for hubby, $8.70 pants for hubby. The original prices are ridiculous, and it's no wonder our society is deep in credit debt if they are trying to pay those prices!

Really, All I wanted to do was show you my cute gold shoes. :D


Miss Riya said...

I love gold shoes. They remind me of my wedding. Before Katrina I had 4 pairs. I haven't bought any replacements yet. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a deal...Mother's Day is coming up you know...hint hint....just in case someone special reads this blog with her daddy.

Miss Riya said...

I must make an amendment to the above post. I did buy one pair of gold flats at the dollar store to kick around in, but I don't have anything dressy.
P.S. Jenna says, "I like those shoes."