Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Around the House and Garden

The veggie garden. The wind keeps blowing the pyramids down, so I took them out until Byron secures them.
My cold frames Byron made me from left over wood and old windows I salvaged after Katrina.
The chicks are two weeks old!!! Look how much bigger the meat birds are. They are at least three times the size of the hens. We are going to try to separate them this week. I think they are to big to be with the small chickens. The X-rocks are more aggressive too.
I just love this little brown chicken. I think it is a brown leg horn.
This is the beginnings of the new front landscape. I'm going to use as many native plants and ornamental edibles as possible.


Miss Riya said...

once you get the whole garden & animal thing going it will save you a bundle, but getting started costs a small fortune (tools, supplies, animals, feed, seed, etc...) unless I already had all of this I don't think I would be saving any money or time. It would be a great experience for my family and no doubt much healthier, but not economical in our case. Your pics are making me miss my flower beds on Tara. Maybe one day we'll do a landscape for this house. On the up side...my hubby has been eating whatever I put on his plate. Now I only have to fight with little one about veggies. We ditched sodas and the middle aisles of the grocery about 8 years ago when I found out about my gestational diabetes. In the past 5 months the only milk I've bought is buttermilk for biscuits. We don't do tea because we like it too sweet so we just avoid it at home. We will drink tea some when we're out. I also haven't been buying sliced cheese for sandwiches. I find it's alot harder to keep the shreds on a sandwich so I give up it's not worth the effort! Hey whatever works right? :-)

Kristi said...

Miss Riya,

Don't get discouraged. I've been in this house for 14 years and I'm just getting the veggie garden and chickies I've always wanted. I had to use plastic pots for years.

Love Kristi

Egghead said...

It is looking so great. I love to look at, grow and eat garden veggies. The chicks are so darned cute and I bet your girls will love them. My grandchildren love our so much even though they are not longer chicks. We decided to just rotate out the old hens every two years and so will have new chicks again next spring. Oh and my little grandson's name is Byron.

Pony and Petey said...

Hi, me again = )

Just wondering if you could tell me what variety of cabbage you have planted, when did you plant it, did you have to protect it from certain low temps, and if we're on the same latitude.

I'm in Houston...thought we might have similar weather conditions and temperatures and since your cabbage did so well, thought it might do well in my garden too.

Pony = )

Kristi said...

Hi Pony,

Yes we are in the same gardening zone. I think you may even be a little more southernly than me. I bought the cabbages as transplants. They were a dutch variety. No I didn't have to protect them during the winter. I planted them in November, although I would have planted them earlier if my garden had been ready! I just harvest them as I need them. They are really easy to grow. I think you can plant pretty much any variety as long as you plant them in the fall. Our temps get too hot too fast if we plant them in spring.