Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Japanese Plum

My Japanese plum is bearing fruit!!! This is the first year this particular tree has produced. I had one that made very yummy large fruit, but it was destroyed in Katrina. I planted two more since.
Japanese plums are ripe when they are an orangish yellow. They do well in the full sun and make a beautiful small tree. Plant them where the dropping fruit won't be a problem. It produces so much that there is plenty to share with friends and wildlife. The fruit doesn't keep long once picked. When green, the fruit makes great missiles. While growing up we loved to use our neighbors green plums for warfare. He in turn loved to yell at us pesky bratty kids, so we all got enjoyment out of the entire matter. Although, we did resist the urge to throw the plums at him.


Miss Riya said...

Your post made me laugh. THANKS! LoVe Ya,

Egghead said...

You are so far ahead there. Things are just beginning to bloom here and certainly don't have fruit beginnings yet. It makes me want spring and summer to hurry...but not too much.

sugarcreekfarm said...

You are making me "green" with envy with all of your spring greenery! It got up to 49 degrees here today, though. I was running around outside in just a sweatshirt - spring's a-comin!