Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cookin' up a Storm

Cooking up a Storm

This is the cute title for our church's, soon to debut, cookbook. In order to raise funds to finish up the final restoration of our church after hurricane Katrina, Our church is publishing a recipe book. It will contain "recipes and remembrances from Katrina".

We are collecting stories and recipes from all of the areas where we were scattered. From Maryland to Mississippi to Colorado and beyond. This book will be such a wonderful historical reference from a positive point of view. I'm going to buy one for each one of my girls and give it to them when they get married. It will have some of my recipes of course!

The real kicker to the whole thing is going to be a bonus they are including, A raw video taken of St. Bernard Parish after the storm. Several of the men in our church were allowed back into the parish under homeland security. This is the most true video of the destruction that I have ever seen. They will edit out the dead bodies out of respect to the departed. ---don't cry Kristi----But throughout the video they will insert stories of overcoming. The spirit God put in us humans is just amazing.

The book should be ready sometime in June. I will let everyone know how to order one for themselves.

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Egghead said...

Oh wow! Makes my eyes tear up to think of all you and everyone went through. I can only imagine the things you felt, saw and all are so brave in my eyes. Please do let me know when the book and video are ready. I will buy one for sure.