Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Honey and Bread

Honey class picture: From left to right, Dutch Gold Wildflower honey (product of Canada, USA, and Argentina), Bernard's Acadiana honey (Breaux Bridge, LA), Art's Honey (Pearl River, LA), Sage honey (California), Avocado honey (California)

Honey is so yummy. It's really difficult to imagine that honey is made by insects. Cute little insects, but insects nonetheless. I'm not really sure I want to know how they make it.

Here are a few varieties of honey I have around the house. I read once that if you eat honey made in your local area it can help with allergies. So I bought a couple of honeys made locally. Also honey has antiseptic qualities and can be used on cuts and such. Regardless of all that, honey just tastes really good. When we travel, I love to stop at roadside stands and buy local honey or produce that I find.

When we were in California last year we stopped at several roadside stands and bought all kinds of local produce for ridiculously low prices. They weren't perfectly shaped or shiny from food grade wax, Oh but they were out of sight delicious. I also bought some California made honey. My all time fav honey is desert buckwheat honey. (If anyone knows where I can get some more, please let me know) I had bought some when my husband's band was in California a while back, but couldn't find any this past time. The next best is Dutch Gold wildflower honey I get at the local IGA. You can tell by looking at the bottles which I like best! :) Honeys are distinctly different from region to region or flower to flower.

But few things are better than fresh baked bread, butter and honey!!!!!!! Yum Yum. Here is a pic of some honey whole wheat bread that I made. The bread is basically made with 2/3 whole wheat flour, 1/3 white flour, yeast, milk, honey and butter.

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Egghead said...

This looks delicious. It brings back a memory of my aunt and I (she was younger than me) putting honey on fresh baked bread and letting it sit for a few minutes. It formed this delicious crustiness in the bread from the honey and we couldn't wait to eat it. I can still smell and taste it.