Saturday, March 8, 2008

Building the Chicken Run

This is Byron and his Dad working on the run! Yes the chickies are in the house. So far it has worked very well. I added the old blue tarp (compliments of FEMA) to block the very cold north wind. I have an awful confession. I kinda liked the idea of global warming (the being warm part), but this year there is no sign of it here. I need to paint the chicken house, but it has been too cold.

Once the construction is completed, I'm going to plant sunflowers, marigolds, and flowering vines on the coop to give the chicks shade later. Maybe I'll start calling them "chooks" like our Australian friends. I like the sound of that, "chooks". Also some homemade muscadine wreaths would look cute hanging on the run. I once saw a chicken coop that someone had put a "Watch Your Step" sticker on the little runway to the door. I want one of those too. :)

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Egghead said...

hThe chicken run looks great. Ours is from the previous owners so it could use some sprucing new chicken wire, etc. But it does the job for now.