Monday, December 29, 2008

A Year of Veggies

A few of the veggies I grew this year: Cabbage
Pak Choy
Henderson Bush Lima beans
Curly mustard, purple hull peas, Lima beans
burgundy okra
Ichiban Eggplant
White Crookneck Cushaw
Charentais Melon
Moon and Stars Watermelon
Early Silver line Oriental Melon Creole Tomatoes
Green Onions
Tom Thumb Lettuce
Early Dutch Cabbage
Radish and mixed lettuce greens


JeanSkirtGirl said...

hey that look's great sister kristi that melon must took long to grow =] I love lima beans mm!! Will happy new year!! love carmencita

Anonymous said...

You are incredible! Absolutely amazing! Way to go!

Egghead said...

What a great review of some of your veggies. I love that you chronicled them.