Friday, January 2, 2009

Ode To Byron

I love New Years. Nothing is really new. It just seems so! The New Year brings feelings of new beginnings and new possibilities, a chance to evaluate the last year and plan the next.

After evaluating what we have done in the last year....something kept repeating itself: "and Byron built me this....and Byron built me that....Byron did this...."

Please allow me just a moment to sing my husband's praises. He deserves it. Whenever I ask him, "ooooo....Byron could you build me one of those?" he always says yes....and then he does. He does all this while working a demanding full time job. O.K. all together now!:


Luv ya Babes!

Now for the gallery of Byron's creations:

He built all these raised beds and the cute little blue trellises.
Chicken tractor number one Byron built.

The most wonderful compost corral Byron built.

And here's the chicken house and coop that Byron built....and the chickens that Byron feeds and cares for before leaving for work at 6:00 am everyday.

Here's the bench that Byron built so I could look at "my chickens" that Byron cares for and built a house for.

Here's just a bit of all the wood Byron has chopped this year.

Here is the clothes line that Byron built and the little stool for the girls to help them reach the line. May I mention that he does not hang out laundry.

Here is chicken tractor number two that Byron built for the now big little chickens that were hatched this year.

Here is just a few of all the trees Byron planted this year. It includes about 14 citrus, 4 pecans, 2 persimmons, 6 mulberries, 4 pear, 2 plums not to mention all the shrubs and perennials he dug holes for!
And this is my lovely log bench overlooking the veggie garden Byron created using a chain saw from a huge pecan tree that fell during Katrina. May I present my husband, Byron the chain saw artist, builder, and planter extraordinaire!

Blueberry picking in New Hampshire this summer. (Tera, Talia, Seleste, and Byron)

Without Byron, I'd probably still be gardening in five gallon buckets. Thank you Byron.


Pony and Petey said...

Let's hear it for handsome, hard-working, handy-man, God-Honoring hubbys!!!

I have one too = )

I totally enjoyed sharing in your happiness of Byron!!

ps...I love the dresses Talia and Seleste have on in the blueberry picture...did you make them?

Miss Riya said...

Way to go Byron...way to go....clap clap!!!

P.S. we had fun visiting the other evening. Keep us posted on your latest cooking projcts so we'll know when to stop by again! just kidding, but I really did enjoy the hog's head cheese you made.

JeanSkirtGirl said...

great job! Mr.Byron bear

Kristi said...

Hi Pony, Thanks for sharing my joy. No I didn't make the dresses. Maybe one day. They are Hannah Andersen dresses my sister found at a thrift store for a couple of dollars a piece. They were in perfect condition.

Egghead said...

You are one very lucky lady to have a husband that not only can build those things for you but wants to and then does it. I agree! Byron is the man! I love the picture of him and the girls. Lovely family you have Kristi.