Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Keeping Warm and Louisiana Sweets

Last night it was 35 degrees. Practically an ice age here. When I woke up this morning and walked outside, it was so still and grey the air almost seemed frozen. I hurriedly crunched through the frost to peep at the garden. My tomatoes were unwilted and bright green under their cozy comforter of plastic. My homemade "greenhouse tent" worked perfectly. Already the sun is shining bright warming the day. Still, I'm all tucked inside cozied up to my crackling popping fire. It makes me feel all lazy, but I'll have to shake it off. There's just too much fun to be had and things to do today.

I'm going to a tea today. I entered a horticulture and design competition yesterday. At the tea we'll find out who won all the coveted awards. With the abundance of amazing talent around here, fat chance I'll win, but I wouldn't miss it. I'll take some pictures for tomorrow.

I picked my first homegrown oranges ever. They are a variety called "Louisiana Sweets" . The first few years of citrus tree's life it is recommended you remove the fruit. This allows the tree to put all of it's energy into growing. Well I couldn't resist leaving a couple.

Hmmmm...looks kinda dry. Yep they were. Not too good. Sorta on the tangy side. I guess the fruit removal advice is good. I have tasted the local navel oranges at my neighbor's stand. They are sooooooo delicious this year. Full of juice, sweet and dripping with flavor. The red grapefruits are very yummy this year as well. I think I'll go eat one!

This weekend Byron and I spent a lot of time with the girls. We took them to the new Cabela's in Gonzales and let them wander around looking at all the taxidermy animals while Byron bought ammunition for hunting this Christmas holidays.
I went hunting with him last week. I didn't carry a gun or shoot anything. I just sorta traipsed behind him looking at stuff and trying to stay out of the line of fire. We were just sorta ambling along and then whamo, Byron pulls the gun up and shoots. Then there's a rabbit kicking away in it's death throes. I didn't even see it. Byron says that's because I don't know what to look for. What he doesn't know is, it's because I was more interested in examining this really beautiful trailing fern that carpets the forest floor.

Byron cooked the rabbit and invited his Mother and Father over to eat. Byron's Dad loves rabbit. Byron hunts with his Father's old shotgun. He claims that gun has probably shot more rabbits than any other gun. I thought people shot rabbits. I don't know. Maybe it's a trained gun


Bayou Maw said...

Oh, Kristi it makes me want to go back in time, doing things with my three little girls. and there was a time I went hunting. I carried a gun I shot it couple times but I missed. But it was fun walking in the woods.
Love Bayou Maw

Tipper said...

The times I've went along with my husband on hunting trips-like you I was too busy looking around at the beauty to concentrate on the hunting!

Miss Riya said...

Maybe our hubbies should've been looking for rabbits instead of wild boar the other day. When my bigger half got home I asked him if they caught anything and he said, "yeah" so I said really what did you catch he replied, "a cold!" it's ok though because he had a good time getting up at o'dark thirty and hanging out with his little buddy ....MEN!...Ya gotta love em.

Egghead said...

I am so jealous that you can even grow citrus. Oregon just isn't suitable for it. Woke up to frost this morning as well. Love that Byron hunts. My husband hunts as well but hasn't been out the last few years. It is mostly bird and deer hunting.