Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Don't Worry! The Bad News Is True!

In my recent issue of Mother Earth News there is an article on page 23 titled "What Happened to Global Warming?". It starts off, "Brrr, it's cold outside! Last winter, we had frigid temperatures and record snowfall in many areas, and similar scenarios this year may leave some people wondering what happened to global warming. Is the Earth really still heating up? For insight, we turned to Brenda Ekwurzel, a climate science expert with the Union of Concerned Scientists, who has studied climate change for 17 years."

Then they go on to ask her a plethora of questions concerning global warming including:

"Could colder temperatures and more snow be signs that global warming is not happening?"

Her answer, "No singular weather event or even a colder year represents a change in global warming. Weather is the temperature or precipitation over a couple of days. Climate refers to the average temperature or weather patterns over a decade or more. Global warming occurs over a long period of time, therefore gradual shifts to a warmer climate represent global warming. One event, such as increased snowfall or a heat wave, will not significantly change the climate pattern from the last decade."

You can almost hear the sigh of relief from the editors. "Whew, the bad new is true!"

I believe we should be good stewards of what God has given us. We should not rape and pillage the beautiful resources God has given us to sustain our lives, but we should treat them with respect and dignity. What I do resent is individuals using fear and manipulation of facts to sway the thoughts and votes of others to their own means. Manipulation of the innocent or ignorant for selfish gains weather they be for money, power or fame makes me angry.

Certain things do not make sense to me and in my opinion do not add up even to standards set by scientists themselves. To the best of my knowledge some scientists put the age of the Earth at 4.6 billion years, yet weather has only been accurately recorded for about112 years. Weather has been recorded in some places longer, but there are factors that skew the information. Changes to the location such as paved roads and buildings being built, forests being removed, or such like would effect the accurate recording of weather trends in that spot.

I'm certainly no mathematician and do not even enjoy math, but to the best of my hit or miss calculations 112 years is less than .000005 percent of the Earth's estimated 4.6 billion year life. If anyone did a poll with this type of representation they would be laughed at or disregarded.

Also there is evidence that in many areas glaciers are growing not receding. This isn't reported widely because it could hurt the political or aggressive socialization and secularization agenda of the powerful in government and the media.

There's also evidence that prehistoric animals and plants have been found in perma frost once it has melted. Could this be evidence that the Earth was once warmer? And, if man died out due to their own actions wouldn't it be poetic justice and wouldn't the Earth be better off? Wouldn't it just be following the theory of natural selection? The strong survive the weak die? Could it be possible this is a natural trend? And while I'm at it...Why do people for population control have children? Why don't they euthanize themselves? sorry I digress I know it's because they think they are the only smart ones in the world ahem Al Gore.

Lets just be honest about it please. They don't know! They are giving it their best guess, and asking us to err on the side of caution.

I do what I do, because I believe it is right and good according to my moral foundation. Not because I have any fear of global warming or climate change. It isn't good or right to waste, be greedy, wanton, or destructive (Galations chapter 5).

I believe everyone needs a foundation. The human mind can justify anything including murder if given enough time to work it through any moral underpinnings that might still be slightly holding. Without moral foundation I believe mankind is capable of any horrific thing. Just read the news. Look at history. Some believe that religion makes people hard hearted and mean. To a point I do believe that. Man made religion can make people cruel. But man on his own is worse.

Who gave us the admonition to, "Turn the other cheek." Not always easy. Who said the "Love of money is the root of all evil"? My foundation is Christ Jesus and I stand firm upon that. To some it may seem simplistic, but living upon this foundation makes a lot more sense than the fear message our society spreads. It too is a journey of learning and battles, but Christ my foundation has never failed me.


The Quiet Life said...

I agree with you. We have nothing to fear. Our Heavenly Father is our foundation. My husband never believed in global warming (his background is biochemistry though) and we have several friends that are enviromental scientists and not one of them believe in global warming. They say it's bad science. Guess it just depends on who you ask. Although, there are interesting studies on sun spots and weather. You should check it out.

Mwcraft said...

My sentiments exactly! Preach Sister Preach!

Egghead said...

Amen. Great post.