Saturday, October 4, 2008

Today's Harvest

Although we are still far from being self sufficient, our garden and chickens are providing us with plenty of supplement! The purple hull peas are just starting to turn a deep purple. The only problems I have had with them is some grey aphids and a few caterpillars with red heads that curl up in a cut portion of the leaf. I just find them and smush them.

The okra is really producing. Sometimes they grow so rapidly they are too hard to actually eat. Those I save and dry. Dried okra pods are beautiful in arrangements, or just filling a fall basket or bowl. As a bonus you can harvest the seeds to plant when they have finished their aesthetic duties.

I picked a lone green pepper and eggplant. The Cheyenne peppers are still producing profusely. The jalapenos have slowed a little.

The herbs are doing so well now. It must be the mild weather we are having. Whatever it is, the basil and oregano love it. I like to dry both and store to use when fresh isn't available.

We have plenty of eggs! Between my family and Byron's co-worker we have more demand than we can supply. Our six little chicks are doing just fine.

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Lemongrass said...

What a great harvest. My herbs are liking the cool weather, and the okra a slowing down. I have not had much luck with growing peas. Will be starting my first fall pea planting.Harvested a handful of peanuts yesterday. Love reading your blog.