Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Around the House and Garden

Finally, cool weather. It got down to 42 degrees last night, so it's the perfect time for hot rolls and hot chocolate. My girls like to dip fresh baked rolls in steaming mugs of hot chocolate. These are refrigerator rolls that I made with 1/2 white and 1/2 whole wheat flour. This is a pic before they were finished rising. They rose to about twice this size and baked to hot, fluffy, melt in your mouth, addictive little fat bombs. Yummmm
These are peeled loofahs and seeds that I saved. Even though I've given away seeds to all my friends that wanted them and some of the loofahs.........
I still have all these to go! Gardening is so abundant. Love it.
Here is a chicken tractor my husband is building for our new chickies. He's still contemplating how he's going to finish it. Also, he's attempting to build it with misc. things we have laying around the shed and house. The point of a chicken tractor is to be able to move around the small coop, thus allowing your chickens to free range without risking them to roving predators or stray dogs. No chickens do not drive it, you pull it or push it around.
Hello! Are you my mother? We moved the little chickies to the shed and are keeping them warm with a heating lamp.
Look how much they have changed. They are really motley looking! I hope they like their new home Byron is building them. If these chicks thrive, it will be a huge step for us in the direction of chicken sustainability!
I'm also attempting to make my first completed knitting project other than a dish cloth, a really wild colored hat. It looks big! I measured my head. Maybe I just have a big head. Anyway....Fall is here and it's a wonderful energetic time!


Betsy said...

Hmmm are you sure everyone got their seeds???

I guess this is why I am called the redheaded step sister!!!lol

the rolls look delicious, I want mine with coffee curled up in front of your fireplace!!

Egghead said...

Those rolls look delicious and I can't wait to plant the loofahs this coming spring. I plan on starting them inside and moving them. I hope they grow even half as great as yours.

Here is a plan for something similar to what your husband is building.


Betsy said...

Dont know if you got my message, but i would like to buy some eggs from Seleste or Talia tomorrow night.....


Ginger said...

Hello............not everyone got their seeds. I guess old friends are not important! So much for family Betsy! I'm her blood sister what has that gotten me? Huh? Huh?