Thursday, October 16, 2008

Purple Hull Peas

Finally, enough purple hull peas to cook!
Purple hull peas are Byron's favorite. He never ceases to expound the virtues of the purple hull pea.
A little turkey sausage, chopped onion, minced garlic and green onions sauteed in olive oil until tender. Then add purple hull peas and some water. Then cook...simmer...simmer....simmer...until.
It's done. Serve over a spoonful of short grain brown rice.
And then seconds...more seconds...more more!
Mmmmmm....the best Mom!
Sure there's not enough for thirds? No....I promise I'll plant a lot more next time.
That was good Mom.


Egghead said...

I love any kind of beans cooked and those sound great. I have never seen any before. Oh and your girls are so beautiful.

neekee said...

Those look delicious. It makes me think of Maw Tera. I love to see the pictures of Talia, Selest, and Tera. They love their mama's and daddy's cookin'. I learned this summer that no one... and I mean no one, can compare! ha!

I sent you a text the other day. Not sure if you get texts, but I wanted to thank you for the seeds. I was super excited to receive those in the mail. I assure you that I will be planting them come spring.

Thanks for thinking of me.

Love your sis... Monique.

Miss Riya said...

Kristi, if you receive a comment that says Miss Riya is beautiful... don't delete it! I tried calling you to let you know what was up, but you must have been busy.

Tiffany said...

Yummy! Can you use black eye peas if you don't know what a purple hull pea is??

P.S. Miss Riya is beautiful and cooks the best GUMBO and wants to send ME the cookbook. :D

wvugrads said...

The purple hull peas look super yummy, but I have never heard of them. Must be a southern thing. :)

Um,nice try, Tiffany, but I know that Miss Riya is beautiful and cooks the most wonderful Gumbo and is thinking of the number 2 so she can send ME the cookbook.

Blessings to ya,

Miss Riya said...

Hey, Sister Barbara now has a blog. There is a link on mine. Her name is Bayou Maw.