Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sub Tropical Fall Arrangement

No colorful leaves... no crisp brisk winds... no leaf covered trails.....So when you live in the sub tropics you use what you must! Birds of Paradise, Mexican sage, Variegated Ginger and a Musquee De Provence pumpkin from the garden!
Isn't the color of this Musquee De Provence pumpkin gorgeous? It sorta looks iridescent!
The first blossom my Bird of Paradise bloomed!


mandi said...

hi there- just stopping by your blog for the first time. your pumpkin...alas, i planted the same variety and had beautiful foliage and flowers. and NO pumpkins! i'm so sad. i can't get one pumpkin to grow. any thoughts?

Egghead said...

That Variegated Ginger us beautiful. I have never seen that before. You have an eye for putting together flowers. I also love the color of that pumpkin.

tipper said...

Just beautiful!

Loved the post on laundry powder-I've been wanting to try that.

Miss Riya said...

I love love love pumpkins and anything fall-ish! You're right that pumpkin does have a scrumptious hue. I wish you much success in your pumpkin endeavors.... just remember your dear friend when the bounty rolls in! lol ;-)

Kristi said...

Hi Mandi

Thanks for stopping by. My pumpkins didn't do very well either this year. This was actually the only pumpkin I got from that vine. I've heard everything from pollination problems to don't fertilize! Not sure myself. I am going to try again next year.

Egghead, Thanks for the compliment. I love varigated ginger. It is a beautiful plant and very hardy outside here. I bet you could grow it in a pot.