Monday, October 13, 2008

How To Make Laundry Powder

Previously I gave a recipe for making laundry soap liquid. Lately I have been making this laundry powder recipe. It's not as inexpensive as the liquid, but it is still very inexpensive. It's very simple and takes less time to make and works quite well. My washing machine is a high efficiency machine, and the laundry powder works just fine in it.


2 bars of Fel's Naptha soap
3 cups borax
3 cups super washing powder

Method: Grind soap to powder. I use my food processor. Be careful. It grinds very fine, I use a mask to keep from breathing in any particles. Allow soap powder to settle then transfer to a large enough canister with a lid.
Add 3 c. borax and 3 c. super washing power to container.
I tape the lid shut to keep particles from escaping. Shake and rock back and forth gently until thoroughly mixed. Use 2 tablespoons per laundry load. Use a little more for a very dirty load.

You can also use 1/2 a cup of vinegar as a fabric softener. Don't worry, it doesn't make the laundry smell like vinegar.

Now line dry for the freshest smelling laundry ever!!! The sun also will help whiten white clothing.

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Egghead said...

I made your liquid soap. This looks a bit more labor intensive, especially the powdery soap. Worth a try though.