Thursday, October 9, 2008

Issues With The Henderson Bush Lima Beans

What is this horrid little critter? I know it's some type of strange interesting caterpillar that when squished has lots of blackish green insides that squirt out with force. That's what I have been doing for a couple of hours today, squishing them. Poisons or chemicals are not an option, so I have had to make squishing an option. After closer inspection I discovered some things...
When small, they curl up under a section of leaf they have chewed. It seems they only attack the foliage. I haven't found any damage on the beans themselves. Leaves with a lot of cuts were just picked and discarded. The caterpillars are so small at first that it is difficult to find them.
Turning the leaves over I found this, eggs! When working, a couple of white moths flew away maybe this is their eggs and the caterpillars are from the eggs.

Other issues....Why are some of my leaves looking like this when all the others are bright and healthy???? Anyone???

Now I have to see if I can finish removing the green stain from my fingertips.


Egghead said...

I have no idea what that guy is or what is wrong with the leaves. What a time consuming job.

Anonymous said...

Silver Spotted Skipper