Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Staying Home

Congratulations Carmen! You passed your test! I knew you could!

Deciding to be a full time stay home mom is the most full filling decision I have made in my adult life. A lot of struggles in my heart were put to rest when I made the transition. I am still an event florist, although I limit my bookings to once a week on Saturdays and no more than two to three a month. Some months during the summer I block completely for my family. We go "Nation Traipsing" during the summer (that's hitting the road with camping gear and a general destination). There will be time down the road for me to grow business wise, but I can never go back and re-raise my children.

Staying home has its many rewards as well. Isn't saving money like earning it? Being at home gives me the time to do things such as bake bread and grow our own veggies and fruits. All of these things would be bought if I were working an outside job. Also the yummy food I cook at home is inexpensive and much healthier than eating out. I know exactly what is in the ingredients and preparation as well. Being home gives me time to organize and clean the home. This makes for a much more peaceful home life. I also adore the quiet time I have to myself when everyone else is at school or work.

I have not given up my fun (florist) completely. The money I earn from it helps to give us all the little extras we like (vacation!). Doing it on a limited basis keeps it from becoming overwhelming with all of my other family, church and community responsibilities. I also have a wonderful husband who loves the fact that I'm at home as well (that certainly

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