Friday, January 25, 2008

Gardening when it's cold outside!

Here's my wonderful assortment of seeds. I can't resist seeds. There is so much potential in seeds! I love to look through catalogs over and over again. Circling and crossing out selections. Debating..well... maybe twelve varieties of tomatoes are a little to new garden is going to be big though...well...not that big. Do you think five varieties of pumpkins is a little much? Anyway, I bought some really wonderful varieties this year.

The large packets in the front of the pic are some Italian seeds I found at Central Grocery on Decatur Street (the home of the original muffalatta) in the French Quarters. The seed packets are written all in Italian. I can understand pictures though, so I bought stripped zucchini and ox heart and paste tomato seeds. From Bakers Creek heirloom seeds, I bought some southern heirlooms: crookneck white cushaw pumpkins, Georgia southern collards, mustard greens, purple hull peas, sorghum, and burgundy okra. Then some really crazy exotics like: Mexican sour gherkins, Jarrahdale (a gray Australian pumpkin), Musquee De Provence (a gorgeous French pumpkin, looks like Cinderella's carriage), Thai red chilies, red asparagus beans and some others. I also picked out Cherokee purple tomatoes (can't wait to see), two types of eggplant and sweet peppers. O.K. Byron get busy you have to finish that garden now.

I spent some time sorting these seeds and writing down dates to plant, whether in the garden or in pots to transplant. I use Dan Gill's Month to Month Gardening in Louisiana to determine these dates (practical and indispensable book, I ignore the advice for when to spray...yuck!) I can't wait to get all these little bundles of potential in the soil! Hopefully I'll be showing off all of the shiny produce on my blog soon. I'll let everyone know how each variety does in our wilting southern heat and humidity this summer.

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