Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here it is! My new clothesline. My husband just built it for me. Isn't it wonderful? Just one more way to save energy. Having a clothesline gives you a reason to leave the inside chores and enjoy the sunshine (or overcast day as in the picture) and the birds singing. It was when I was hanging clothes to dry that I realized it was a mocking bird not my phone ringing. A mocking bird has learned to ring just like my cordless phone I bring outside in order to not miss any business, kids or Byron calls!

Sometimes it rains for days here and I use my dryer, or lay the clothes around the house if there isn't too many. But if its sunny or just overcast....there they are... my laundry. My Father-in-law asked my husband, "What's the matter can't you afford a dryer?" Sigh...What do you do with some people!


Heather said...

I also love my clothesline and hanging out near the bird feeder listening to their songs! I often pray for each person whose clothing I am hanging out while I'm at it! It is a real blessing - except in this damp cold, a bit hard on the hands. My Dad installed a long thick wooden dowel in my laundry room so that on days when it is too damp to dry outside - it works wonderfully and everything dries overnight since the furnace is also in that room! Enjoy your clothesline!

BarbaraLee said...

You must live in the South. I love my clothesline too but I can only use it seasonally. We have this beautiful stuff called snow. I need to use the dryer which it helps heat the house. Read some of your lates blogs. Our house is small too and I like it better then our other home. That was 2500 sq.ft. and this one is 1/2. It is easier on all ways of life. We are just remodeling to fit us. The previous owner added on but it isn't what I would have done. That is a mans thinking. So we are working with what we have.

Daisy said...

Hi there -- new to your blog!

Do you find that the laundry smells better when it's dried outsite?

Where do you live (it looks like you have acreage) that would afford you this great opportunity? I live in a subdivision in Northern California and my neighbors would not take too kindly to my hanging up laundry to dry. *sigh*

Kristi said...

Yes I live in the south and I do have a bit of acerage, three. You know I really don't think the laundry smells any better, but it does smell good!

Heather, that's a great idea to pray for each person.

Welcome all to my blog!