Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows are every bit as fun as mantles, and I love both. Decor wise the most changing spots in my home are these two areas. I don't buy anything new. Just moving around and rearranging what I all ready have makes everything feel new. An important policy for a small home owner is to not keep anything unless you love it or it reminds you of someone you love dearly. Keeping an item is not an obligation just because it was given to you by a well meaning sweet person. The item might be wonderfully cute, but just not you. I'm always on the lookout to give away items I do not use any longer to someone who may love it. The maintenance of clutter takes away most of the joy it gives. Well this isn't exactly a post about clutter, but about making beautiful one of the spots you spend much of your time at. The kitchen sink.

The windowsill is actually carefully arranged with things I love. My new lonely African violet I bought because it was a pretty pink and looked very lonely in the cold Home Depot green house (I'm sure it will now flourish), a kitty peeking out of a basket of flowers, cuttings from a pink tinged leaf arrowhead plant, an orchid that I actually got to bloom again so it is now in a place of honor, an assortment of pretty seeds and acorns that remind me of tomorrows promise, and a hard faced critical little woman who reminds me to pay attention to my work. I have a nice little drawer and a wooden box to tuck away the worn pan brush and sink stoppers. I prefer to only view those when I have to! Then turn the wooden dowel and open the blinds, there is the pink shell ginger only slightly tinged by the recent frost, and beyond that the recently pruned citrus trees. Tomorrow I may banish the critical little lady to the laundry room.

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