Thursday, August 5, 2010

You only eat store eggs? Huh????

Interestingly enough there are people who will not eat the eggs I produce at home. For various reasons.

Some have the perception that store bought eggs are cleaner and have tighter quality controls. I've even had someone say they just couldn't eat brown eggs....they grossed them out.

Others are really bothered by the fact that I have roosters and well, the eggs may be fertilized and have little well you know rooster stuff in them.

Occasionally there will be a tiny blood spot in an egg, and I don't have those special lights that illuminate them so any "blooded" egg can be removed for the selectively squeamish among us.

According to my "Storeys" chicken raisin' book, this blood spot is only a tiny blood something another that gets enclosed occasionally during the chicken's internal shell making process. Anyway, the same people chow down on red meat that is full of blood...why does a little spot in a egg that doesn't even show once cooked make a difference. I'm sorry, I think people are weird!

I carefully looked and found the best and the worst chicken egg production facility videos I could find. The first tries to be as fair as possible while still casting it's philosophy in a more favorable light. The second, well, its not for the squeamish. I do recommend that you look at both.

Then look at the pictures of my chickens free ranging with their rooster keeping an eye out for predators. There's also a picture of them in their night time coop.

The fact that production farm chickens are kept 6 or so to a battery cage and are never allowed to be a chicken in the sense that God created them is enough for me to decide to keep them myself. It hurts me to see anything kept in squalid conditions. I hate to see a dog chained. I hate to see a horse kept in a stall day in and day out.......It really does break my heart. I wouldn't want to live like that.

It's also a proven fact that chickens that are allowed to free range and eat grass, bugs, and seeds produce nutritionally superior eggs....and ask those that do love to get eggs from me....mine taste better too. The yolks are bright orangy yellow and the egg texture is superior.

I have no problem with eating eggs and meat. I do have a problem with people who do so, but don't want to see how it's done.


Tiff said...

I think a LOT more people need to watch Food, Inc.! It's amazing what we think of as normal if we believe the mainstream. Their chickens are also contributing to antibiotic resistance, yours are not.

RusticGardens said...

This is amazing, I must share! Thank you!

JeanSkirtGirl said...

Dear Sister Kristi it's so amazing I love the garden and the chickens U have done a lot I want to be just like u ;) Keep up the work Love carmecita

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I love it! Your chickens are beautiful. It's so relaxing as well as satisfying to watch a pretty flock of chickens enjoying themselves. Cheers!

Justine said...

If a person is Jewish and keeps kosher, a blood spot in an egg would render the egg treyf, i.e. not kosher, and it would have to be thrown away. That might be a reason. :-)