Friday, August 20, 2010

Sewing a Modest Uniform Skirt & Crocheted Rug

Finding Tera modest uniform skirts has become a problem since she started high school. None of the local uniform stores carry long enough skirts. Our local store doesn't even carry skirts except for primary. What?!!! All of the middle and high school girls wear skin tight unflattering horrible capri thingys. After surfing the net the only skirts I could find were unattractive or too expensive in my opinion.

I decided the time had come to attempt to make something my daughter would be proud to wear to school. Like anything else you never learn unless you dive I did.

I found a cute pattern, then pinned and cut, and cut, and cut...then read, read, and read, looked, looked, and read, read, ...then...

sewed, and sewed, and of course....ripped and ripped.....and sewed and sewed again....mastered the invisible zipper....then there appeared...
...a not exactly perfect...but, beautiful skirt my daughter loves to wear. Tera has since received many compliments on her new skirt. It's not always easy to be the only one....but, I bet some more girls may get brave enough to buck the status quo and step out with modest and fashionable uniforms all their own!
I used gabardine fabric. It wears really well and is stretchier than cotton. This skirt also sits low on the hips. Tera finds it is more comfortable at school that way.
A picture of my daughter's room. The rug is crocheted from old sheets, curtains, and clothes. You can get an idea of how to make them from the following video.

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JeanSkirtGirl said...

Dear sister kristi I love tera skirt its looks awesome! and tera I love your room, girl I wish I had a cool skirt like that when I was in sckool u go girl where it proud love carmencita