Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Around The House and Gardens

It's a good thing I rested while I could. Presenting...Seleste...After cheerfully and happily attending a friend's birthday party Seleste suddenly doubled over with unbearable pain.

We doubled back to Children's Hospital...and found out that she needed an emergency appendectomy. If you remember...this...Talia had the same surgery in Mississippi while attending camp a little over a year ago...two kids with appendicitis...what are the odds? I must admit I did wonder if it was genetic or if it was something I fed them...????

I love my sofa...It's over 16 years old and I still love it. When anyone is sick this is where they sleep so I can hear them during the night. When I was expecting this was the only place I could get comfortable near the end.
My hearth is getting a little full...my Stern Lady is keeping a disapproving eye on all this clutter.
Lately the mantle has been showcasing interesting pieces of wood and woodland like things.
An Italian Loaf ready for the fridge.
...oops...We started eating before I took the picture.
This is what happens in Louisiana when the garden goes unchecked for weeks. The vines are positively choking out everything else. It's a mixed blessing. They do prevent a lot of weeds from growing as well.
I'll start trimming everything back and preparing beds for fall crops. Right now I am picking: muscadines, peppers, eggplants, okra, melons, and herbs. The pecan trees in the back ground are loaded. As long as a tropical storm doesn't' come along and knock them all out there should be plenty this fall.
A fairy house.
My daughter Tera made this useful little boot stand. It works great and I can hose any mud or chicken poop right off.


JeanSkirtGirl said...

# 1 I am glad the little one is feeling much better ") # 2 Love garden around your house and the Italian bread look's great I am happy with my melon seeds thank u for giving me soon I can't wait in the spring!!! Love the boots shoes holder tera made smart cookie
Love carmecita xoxox

Moni-Q said...

I sure wish I was lucky enough to have an appendectomy! Oh, well...at least I got braces...a broken arm...glasses...and a few trips to the nurses station with a few imagined illnesses.

Glad you are doing so well Seleste!

Love to all of you,

Aunt NeeKee

Miss Riya said...

We had a little scare the night before last. The doctor at Children's was concerned that Eloise might have the same thing.... turns out that wasn't the case. She just has a severe fiber deficiency, if ya know what I mean.
p.s. pics of the party are on Eloise's blog.

Terri said...

aw man! i wish i was there!!! that bread looks so sckrumptous!!!!

love, ur favrite niece, kenna