Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Sunny - But Cold

Finally, some sun. Maybe, just maybe, some warmth is on the way? This certainly has been the coldest winter we have had in quite a while. It just never seems to warm up. We've always had a cold snaps during the winter with a few days of relative warmth in between....but....ackk...we've had more 20 degree and 30 degree days than ever. Even today it's still in the 30's despite the sun. According to the forecast it might get in the 50's. Heaven.

I know, all you with snow measured in feet instead of inches would kick me if you could....especially with another storm bearing down....but hey....we're just not used to this....most locals have never heard of layering, and probably would think it was a haircut if you mentioned it. So we just run from house to car to building with our tender little or large subtropical hineys freezing off.

In the Garden. I thinned the the carrots and picked some Swiss chard and green onions. The carrot tops, chard, and green onions went into a yummy pot of greens along with bought mustard greens, collards, onions, and garlic and a dash of my home grown dried cayenne pepper.

Then we thoroughly enjoyed our very real baby carrots....soooooooo yum.


JeanSkirtGirl said...

yea it's was great today I love the sun =]love carmencita where my pic's he he

Melba said...

Kristi - You are a RIOT! What's with the tender little or large subtropical hineys? The mental picture is hilarious.

Anonymous said...
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