Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Celebration Of A Decade Of Talia

Talia's Place Setting
The Oh So Opulent Donut Tower!
The place is just beautiful and ready for the perfect little ladies to arrive.
Yes, Talia is sipping her tea with her perfect "Williamsburg Era" manners. Her party theme was "An American Girl Party - Felicity and Elizabeth". Everyone was to bring their favorite dolls.
Instead of birthday cake Talia requested "Fruit Tarts". So I made her "Fruit Tarts" from sugar cookies, cream cheese and sugar, and kiwis and strawberries. Easy and Yum.
Talia and Lydia. Ahem, Talia, did young ladies from the Revolutionary Era stick out their tongues?
Geesh, once the Chinese yo yos arrived the manners left, but not the fun.
Table aftermath....on to the next thing.....
GIFTS!!! I don't know why people wait so looooooong to open the gifts....with all the squealing going on you realize giving can be as much fun as getting. Jenna smiling with Talia beside the beautiful table cloth, flower arrangement, and napkins she and her Mom made for Talia's American Girl table.
Hand drawn birthday greetings.
Um, Seleste, I meant to bring it all into your room. Um, not the hall.
Then we made lovely fans for some lovely little ladies. Soooo much concentration.
Lovely study in blue.
Wow, the organic flourishes really bring it out.
The creativity of this beauty really astounds me.
A fan fit for an ice princess.
... and such drama from the Birthday Girl.
Anyone up for a fourteen rock tournament? The girls share an easy game that can be played anywhere. They learned about this colonial game when they visited Williamsburg from one of the residents.
Now the dolls take tea.
O.K. Forget the dolls.....It's too pretty outside to be inside. This isn't on the party itinerary, but let me show you what we like to do that gave Mom a heart attack at first, but once she recovered and realized it was pretty safe she lets us do it. Come on! It's fun. Up the levee...
Now go! GO GO GO!!!!!
Come on kid....get out of the wagon....it's hard enough to pull up empty...
It's O.K. nothing hurt but my pride.
Your turn.
Seleste, pull us to the back yard.
The leaning tower of donuts.
Happy Birthday TALIA!


Melba said...

I really enjoyed the party pictures! I love girly things. I remember having so much fun helping Kass plan her parties. By the way, where is the picture of you and Kass making the kids pull ya'll in the wagon?

JeanSkirtGirl said...

I had so much fun sister kristi thanks for leting me help for the party so much fun!!!! =] love carmencita

neekee said...

Hi, Talia, (and Aunt Kristi)! This is Rayne.

I really wished I was there. It looks fun. Happy Birthday!!!!