Monday, March 8, 2010

Around The House And Gardens

Beautiful weather! Just perfect for putting everything in order again. The seedlings hardening off on the front porch.
Byron dishing out orders to the girls for our family work day.
A huge beautiful moth the girls spotted.
The not so beautiful front garden trimmed and ready to grow beautiful. The tropicals aren't completely dead. Once the dead foliage was trimmed back, I spotted pinkish yellow tips pushing up through the soil.
Beets and Lettuce
Swiss Chard...the plants have grown leaps with the recent warmer temps and sun.
Look at my artichokes! Yippee! They should produce this year.
Carrots and Brussels Sprouts
Garlic and Chives
Strawberry blossoms....with all the birds ...I better get a net ready...
The compost corral overflowing with trimmings...
The pears are blooming....
and the mulberries are budding....Spring must be arriving.


JeanSkirtGirl said...

Dear Mrs.Kristi I love your garden u have come a long it's look's great love carmencita

Terri said...

i agree with have come a long way!